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You’re too busy to think about SEO as well as everything else

We work with a lot of business owners like you and they all have several things in common. You’re all driven, creative, entrepreneurial and passionate about your work. Plus you’re busy and you put 100% of your time and energy into every area of your business.

And you don’t have time for SEO. You know SEO is a “thing”, you know it needs doing, but you don’t know where to begin or how far you should go with it. And up to now it hasn’t exactly been a priority, though it is frustrating that your website isn’t making the phone ring as much as you hoped it would.

Or you may already have spoken to SEO “experts” in the past who have had you believing that it’s a complicated, technical, ever-changing scene and some kind of dark art. And who claim that they can get your website to that coveted #1 slot by next week but won’t reveal exactly how they’re going to make that happen.

We’re here to tell you they can’t guarantee this – and, honestly, neither can we. No-one can make those kinds of assurances because only Google gets to decide where you rank in search results. But we can help you improve your rankings steadily, organically, ethically and in a sustainable and cost-effective way that Google values.

The best way to get top rankings is simply to provide the best answer to a user’s query.

Tim Felmingham

affiliate marketing entrepreneur

SEO: Full Website Audit £495

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Find out where all the Google love went

Our Full Website SEO Audit is perfect for you if you’ve had a website for a while, you’ve steadily built up the content and page count over the years, but you’re not getting the traffic or conversions you’re hoping for or used to get a few years ago.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making your website more visible to your target market.

Search engines are constantly evolving to make search more effective for their users, so your website needs to keep up. Real, long-term, organic online traffic only comes with effective SEO. It takes time to optimise your website and other digital channels but once you understand how SEO works it can be a powerful and sustainable source of business.

Using a 25+ point-by-point analysis we will audit up to 20 key landing pages on your website. We use a variety of SEO audit tools (not just the latest “white label” app) to get a consensus of how well your website is performing. Then – unlike some SEO agencies – we won’t just send you a PDF to download and expect you to not just understand it but also do something with it.

We will draw up a comprehensive report explaining our findings and their impact and create a detailed action plan that will align all your online content to leverage your website, making it more visible in searches. We will highlight where – and how – you need to take immediate action and highlight what’s working well too.

If there are any simple fixes we can handle* then we’ll offer to send you a quote for taking care of them; if we find any major issues then we’ll flag them up so that you can refer them to your web designer or developer.

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SEO: Basic Website Audit £250

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Basic review of your website

Our basic Website SEO Audit is great for you if your website is fairly new (say one or two years old) or is fairly simply structured with just a few key landing pages, or all you need is a quick guide to on-page SEO and some handy hints and tips for small updates you can manage yourself on a regular basis.

These days just publishing a website then sitting back waiting for the business to roll in won’t cut it. It needs to be continually optimised. But if your current online marketing efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears as far as search engines like Google are concerned, then we can help. By knowing the basics of how to keep your website optimised for organic search, not only will you improve your page rankings (over time), you will also create a better user experience.

With our Basic Website Audit we’ll analyse up to 10 key landing pages against our SEO Checklist and create a simple Red-Amber-Green “Traffic Light” report showing you where the main issues are and how they need to be addressed, and also highlighting what’s working well. We’ll explain the impact of each SEO element and include some short statements about how they can be improved on your website.

If we notice things with your SEO that are relatively simple to fix* then we’ll offer to send you a quote for handling them for you. If we spot any major issues we’ll flag them up so you can talk to your web designer or developer.

If you believe your SEO issues go deeper, or are in need of a fuller brief to give your webmaster, then we recommend a Full Website SEO Audit.

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*We’re not web designers so while we can manage things like broken links and missing Alt Tags, wouldn’t claim to be able to fix major formatting errors, missing elements or style updates, etc.

Helen was able to explain exactly what steps I should take to optimise my website. She works in a really simple and structured way that makes what can seem like a complicated task manageable and understandable.

Corinne Worsley

Other SEO Services

We have a comprehensive range of SEO services to suit businesses of all sizes. As well as our SEO Audits we can also offer:-

SEO Copywriting

We combine our copywriting and SEO expertise to create compelling content for online marketing channels, crafted to help your business rank higher on Google.

We don’t bite and we’re happy to chat through the options with you so give us a call!

Keyword Research from £195

Developing a list of keywords is a crucial starting point for any SEO project. Our Keyword Research will analyse your current keyword rankings, and your closest competitors, and present you with a recommended shortlist of ideal keywords.


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SEO Starter Pack from £295

If you’ve just launched or are about to launch your new website then our SEO Starter Pack will make sure you get to grips with your SEO from Day One. We’ll give you a solid basis for your website’s ongoing SEO management and give it the best chance of climbing up the search engine rankings.

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Monthly SEO Maintenance Plan from £60 per month

Search engines never stand still, so your website shouldn’t either. You need to constantly monitor your website to make sure it stays visible, which means checking, auditing and updating your content on a regular basis. Our Monthly SEO Maintenance Plan provides you with ongoing SEO support, status updates and minor fixes.

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SEO By the Hour £80 per hour

One-to-one advice in person or via video (e.g. Zoom) reviewing your website at a top-level and helping you make some quick fixes to specific issues. We’ll review any areas of your website’s SEO that you believe need attention, sharing our expertise and SEO best practice to help optimise your online visibility.  Book here.

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Local SEO & Google Business

Local SEO, properly managed, helps you stand out and drives more traffic to your business. Online searches with local intent – which is where you add “near me” or a specific location – are on the rise, with businesses that appear in the Google 3-Pack generating 60% more enquiries than those that don’t. With our Local SEO service we will manage your Google Business listing and optimise it to improve your visibility in local search.

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SEO Training from £80

Online Basics of SEO Course £95: Learn how to audit your own website with our step-by-step guide. 10 modules to complete in your own time and at your own pace, with a Bonus Module on Local SEO (Google Business).

121 SEO Training via Zoom £80 per hour: Choose from one of six intensive training modules where we take closer look at a particular SEO subject of your choice then train you via Zoom on its ongoing management. Book all six modules and get the sixth one free!

How can we help you? 

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