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You’re too busy to think about SEO as well as everything else

We work with a lot of business owners like you and they all have several things in common. You’re all driven, creative, entrepreneurial and passionate about your work. Plus you’re busy and you put 100% of your time and energy into every area of your business.

And you don’t have time for SEO. You know SEO is a “thing”, you know it needs doing, but you don’t know where to begin or how far you should go with it. And up to now it hasn’t exactly been a priority, though it is frustrating that your website isn’t making the phone ring as much as you hoped it would.

Or you may already have spoken to SEO “experts” in the past who have had you believing that it’s a complicated, technical, ever-changing scene and some kind of dark art. And who claim that they can get your website to that coveted #1 slot by next week but won’t reveal exactly how they’re going to make that happen.

We’re here to tell you they can’t guarantee this – and, honestly, neither can we. No-one can make those kinds of assurances because only Google gets to decide where you rank in search results. But we can help you improve your rankings steadily, organically, ethically and in a sustainable and cost-effective way that Google values.

The best way to get top rankings is simply to provide the best answer to a user’s query.

Tim Felmingham

affiliate marketing entrepreneur

SEO: Full Website Audit

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Find out where all the Google love went

These days just publishing a website then sitting back waiting for the business to roll in won’t cut it. It needs to be continually optimised.

Search engines are constantly evolving to make search more effective for their users, so your website needs to keep up. Real, long-term, organic online traffic only comes with effective SEO. It takes time to optimise your website and other digital channels but once you understand how SEO works it can be a powerful and sustainable source of business.

Using a 25+ point-by-point analysis we will audit your website and create an action plan that will align all your online content to leverage your website, making it more visible in searches.

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SEO: Health Check

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Basic review of your website

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your website more visible to your target market.

But if your current online marketing efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears as far as search engines are concerned, then we can help.

By knowing the basics of how to keep your website optimised for organic search, not only will you improve your page rankings (over time), you will also create a better user experience.

Our SEO Health Check is great for you of all you need is a quick guide to on-page SEO and some handy hints & tips for small updates you can make yourself on a regular basis.

If you believe your SEO issues go deeper, or are in need of a fuller brief to give your webmaster, then I recommend a full SEO Audit.

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Basics of SEO online course

Learn the key basic optimisation factors search engines need to see in your website

This course is for anyone who likes to DIY! It will show the 10 basic things you need to do with your website so that search engines like Google will pay attention to it. The course is also a great option if you are planning a website and need to cover the basic optimisation elements, or include them in a brief for a web designer.

The course shows you how search engines work, what “ranking factors” they look for in a quality website, teaches you the basic techniques you need and provides a long list of free online optimisation tools for you to bookmark and re-use – because SEO need constant management and attention.

‘Basics of SEO’ is on the Thinkific platform. If you’ve registered as a Thinkific student before then you just need to log in and enrol. If you’ve never used Thinkific before then you will need to create a Student Profile first before you can enrol. Just click “Get Started” at the top right of the screen.

Once you have signed up and paid, you can start whenever you’re ready and work through it at your own pace and in any order.

Personal 121 SEO Module Training via Video Conferencing

Focus on specific aspects of SEO one step at a time

If you prefer a more modular approach to learning the SEO basics then we have the perfect solution. Book a 1 hour online session with us for an intensive short course an any of the following:

  • Technical SEO Basic Housekeeping
  • Link Building
  • Keywords & Keyword Research
  • Metas & Image Tagging
  • Local SEO & Google My Business

To find our more about our SEO training modules please contact us

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