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Our SEO Maintenance Plan Keeps Your Website Optimised for Google

SEO is not a one-and-done tactic and no website is ever “finished”. Search engines like Google continually adjust the way they evaluate web pages. They move the ranking goalposts on a daily basis when it comes to deciding which web pages to show in search results and where.

So you need to constantly monitor and update your website to make sure it stays visible, which means checking, auditing and updating your SEO on a regular basis. Otherwise you risk falling behind in search rankings while your competitors – who may not be as good as you but who ARE proactively managing their websites – take the top slots. No matter how well you run your business or how superior your products and services are, they’ll be the ones getting all the attention – simply because they’re handling their SEO properly.

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Our SEO Maintenance Plan provides you with ongoing SEO support, status updates and minor fixes.

For an initial set-up fee of £60 you get:

    • A Basic SEO Audit*
    • A review of your current web page rankings
    • A detailed written report with an SEO action plan
    • An optional video call where we present our findings and explain them



Then for £60 per month thereafter you get:

    • An updated Basic SEO Audit
    • A written status report highlighting any changes
    • A high-level web analytics report (traffic, bounce rates etc) and your current organic page rankings **
    • We will handle any minor SEO fixes† and/or flag up larger fixes (which we can quote separately for)
    • The option of a quarterly video call to review progress and feed back


*For up to 7 key landing pages, additional pages charged extra

** Requires access to your Google Analytics & Google Search Console

† Requires access to your Content Management System (CMS)

SEO Starter Pack

If you’re working on your new website or if you’ve just launched or are about to launch, our SEO Starter Pack will give your site the best chance of being found on Google. We will provide all the key basic SEO elements for your new website for up to 5 key landing pages, including proofreading the content. For more information please get in touch.

Price: £295

Basics of SEO Online Course

We get that not everyone wants or needs to outsource their SEO services, so we’ve developed an online SEO course. We teach you how to set up and manage your website so that search engines pay attention to it. You’ll get access to free online SEO tools that you can use to run your own SEO audits. This course is self-paced and once you’ve signed up you can dip in and out in your own time and complete it when you’re ready.

Price: £95

Don’t leave your organic search rankings to chance. Contact us for more information or for an initial SEO consultation, we’ll be happy to help.

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