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Thanks for checking out my Online Copywriting and SEO services. I love interacting with like-minded individuals and businesses working to make a difference. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need of my copywriting or SEO expertise, or would simply like to chat. Please also see our Privacy Policy to check how we use the information we collect through this form.


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CBL copywriting and SEO pricing
SEO is the most cost-effective method of marketing for small businesses with a low marketing budget
— Neil Patel

For my SEO services there’s a relatively straightforward answer. I can cost out both services accurately because there’s a tidy, well-honed structure in place and a finite amount of effort required from me: 

SEO Health Check: 1-2 hours with me looking at your website with you, reviewing the on-page SEO elements and coming up with a quick action plan you can implement right away: £250

Full SEO Audit: A 25+ point-by-point analysis of your website with a written report and long term action plan that will align all your online content to leverage your website: £995

SEO Consultation: One-to-one advice in person or via Skype/Zoom reviewing your website at a top level and helping you make some quick fixes to specific issues: £80 per hour

Copywriting For my copywriting services the answer is less straightforward. Unlike other freelance copywriters I do not charge by the word, hour or day. My copywriting fees are project-based, fixed and based on the amount of effort required to create the content and the added value I can bring from my extensive marketing and SEO experience. So you need to tell me up front:-

 - your exact requirements (e.g. estimated number of website pages and an overview of the type of content for each page, number of emails, etc)

- the purpose of the project and your main objectives

- your target audience

That will be enough for me to be able to scope out the project and come up with a quote. After that if we decide to proceed then there will still be full copy brief to complete and agree, but if you've been able to answer the above fully this will be mostly technical detail.

I don’t bite and I’m happy to chat through the options with you so give me a call!