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Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO. They are the foundations upon which your SEO strategy is built. They need to permeate every nook and cranny of your website and other online marketing channels. Knowing what your customers are typing into Google or other search engines when they are looking for a business like yours is vital and should inform your marketing content and story. You can read more about why keywords are so important in our blog.

Keywords are also crucial for being listed in search results (SERPS) and developing a list of keywords is an essential element in any SEO initiative. Our keyword research is based on having a chat with you first to get an understanding of your business, your objectives, your industry and your competitors. We’ll also ask you what initial keyword ideas you may already have or tried in the past; plus any keywords you don’t want to be found for (this question is often overlooked by some SEO agencies).

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What can keyword research do for you?

Our analysis will show you what keywords you already rank for compared to your competitors. We’ll give you a really good insight into how your ideal customers behave when they’re searching online for a business like yours. Armed with this data you’ll be in a great place to start improving your search rankings and attracting the right customers to your website. 

We realise that although our clients appreciate the benefits of discovering their keywords, the level of detail required can vary. So we offer two keyword research options. We can either supply you with a final shortlist of recommended keywords (Basic Report), or we can spend time with you to take you through the detailed data and explain how we arrived at the shortlist (In-Depth Report).

Your Keyword Research Options

Our Methodology for In-Depth Keyword Research

The Brief:

Before any research can take place it’s vital that we understand as much as possible about your business and your target audience. We’ll ask you to complete the Keyword Research Briefing Document to provide us with same basic information.

Current ranking keywords:

We unearth the keywords for which your website already ranks organically. We will determine how relevant they are to your business, your target audience, how frequently they are searched for and where you rank on Google in relation to your competitors. This will provide invaluable insight into how your website is perceived by Google and identify the keywords you should focus on.

Your competitors’ ranking keywords:

In the same way, we will analyse up to 5 of your closest competitor’s websites to determine the keywords they are currently ranking for and which are also relevant to your business. This provides opportunities to leapfrog your competitors in the Google rankings.

Target keywords:

Using target keywords that you feel are relevant to your business and target audience, we research alternative keywords that are closely aligned for which you are not currently ranking. Equally important, we also take into account your negative keywords, these are the keywords for which you specifically do not wish to be found e.g. certain brand names, descriptors (e.g. “cheap” or “free”).


Recommended keywords:

In consultation with you, we can reduce what can sometimes be thousands of keyword suggestions to a manageable and informed list of recommendations that are tailored to your business and marketing goals.

Search Trends:

We include graphs showing search trend data over a 12-to-24-month period for selected recommended keywords that will reveal any seasonality. This is especially important when considering your short-term and long-term keywords.

Presentation of results:

Usually delivered via video conferencing e.g. Zoom or MS Teams. The presentation will typically take up to an hour and will normally follow this agenda:

  • We review the research methodology
  • We discuss the assumptions we’ve made and other factors taken into consideration
  • We review the results in turn for current, competitor and target keywords
  • We agree the criteria for which the final recommended list will be based
  • We discuss the findings of the search trend data and consider alternatives for the final report
  • We discuss any other finding or insights that have come to light during the research

Keyword Guidance:

In addition to the analysis, the final report will also provide guidance on where, how, when and in what context to use the recommended keywords for future reference. More information on how to implement your keywords can be found in our blog.

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Which option is best for me?

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, or for more information about how keyword research could benefit your business, or to brief us on your keyword project, please contact us.

Prefer to DIY? If you’d like to learn how to do your own keyword research, we also offer 121 training in various aspects of SEO including keywords. Please contact us for a more details and a list of available training modules.

Or for a free 30-minute consultation and website review, make your appointment here.

How can we help you? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need of our copywriting or SEO expertise, or would simply like to chat.