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How To Amp Up Your Copywriting In One Easy Move

Helen Say

Anyone can write, right? I’ll bet you’ve been doing it since you were about 5 years old. No-one needs to teach you how any more, do they? So when you’re composing that email, writing that blog or social media post, or planning that new landing page for your website, writing the actual words is like falling off a log isn’t it? Not something you need to expend too many brain cells on.

Copywriting should be concise, easy to read, digest and acted upon. Here's how to us active voice in your marketing copy to increase reader engagement…

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So What Does a Copywriter Do Anyway?

Helen Say

This is what a copywriter is and what a copywriter does. Writing is just one part of the job. There's a lot to it that you may not realise or appreciate.

It’s a question I get asked a lot. The conversation usually goes something like this:- You: So what do you do? Me: I’m a copywriter You: Oh, ok Twenty minutes later You: Sorry, what does a copywriter do exactly?

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