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What is a Google Partner?

Helen Say

Google Partners are experts only in Pay Per Click and not in SEO. Google do not certify for SEO. Read my blog to find out the difference.

Some years ago Google introduced Partner badges for individuals and organisations who demonstrate a high level of knowledge and expertise with Google Ads.

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What is SEO Content and Why Does It Matter?

Helen Say

It’s easy to get confused by what “qualifies” as SEO content so here’s a quick guide that covers the basics and the minimum you need for Google to sit up and take notice. I’ve already blogged about the importance of content marketing in helping your website get found by Google. But do you know what “SEO Content” is? In basic mar…

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5 Simple Tips to Get To the Top of Local Page Rankings

Helen Say

If location is important to your target market then your website needs to reflect this. It's easy to create local content that will improve your SEO results.

I’ve already blogged about the fact that 30% of Google searches have a local element, i.e. approximately 1 in 3 people using Google are looking for a local supplier. So if geography and location is an important part of your target market, then your website content needs to reflect this. Here are 5 simple tips to make sure you can be found by your nearest prospective customers.

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