By Lisa Kyriacou Faulks from Social Elements Media

We’ve all been there. Facebook makes it tantalizingly easy to boost a post, so you do what they advise and you see no results! It’s frustrating, costs you money and causes you to lose faith in Facebook altogether.

This is why I decided to learn how to run Facebook advertising campaigns properly. I was sick of wasting my own money and terrified of spending client money inexpertly.

In this article, I’ll explain some of the reasons your ads are not working for you.

To Boost or not to Boost?

“This post is performing better than 95% of other posts on your page. Boost this post to reach [insert figure of choice]”.

We’ve all seen this message right? It’s so easy, all you have to do is set the budget and targeting and you’re away. So what’s so wrong with this?

I heard a brilliant analogy recently about the difference between simply boosting a post and putting an advert together in Facebook Ads Manager. You wouldn’t just drive a car in first gear all of the time, I mean you could but you wouldn’t be driving the car to even 10% of its capability and so would be missing out on driving at speeds above 10mph! So it’s the same with boosting a post, it’s fine but you aren’t using all of the functionality that Facebook has available to you such as:

• Choosing the objective that is most right for your goal and audience

• Limited targeting options, you don’t have the opportunity to re-target with boosting

• Facebook decides for you where your post will be shown

• No opportunities to do AB testing – an expert will test copy, images, audiences the list is endless

It’s not all doom and gloom for the boost feature though. It can be a good way to get a bit of engagement on your page if you have a small budget or good for socially proofing a post before serving the ad to different audiences. Be sure to pick a post that is already doing really well though.


One of the main reasons people fail with Facebook advertising is because they fail to properly target their ads to the correct audience. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on your ideal customer’s likes, interests and habits. Furthermore, it allows you to create lookalike audiences based on these and so much more.


Do you have a Facebook pixel on your website? Do you know what a Facebook pixel is? It’s a piece of code that you add to your website that allows you to track when someone has visited your website. You can then use this data in future ad campaigns to re-target those individuals who have already shown an interest in you. They will be more likely to convert because they are considered to be a warm audience.

Test, Test and Test again

You have to be prepared to put in the time to test out what is working and what isn’t. Run two ads at the same time and change only one thing, for example, the CTA (Call To Action), the imagery or the copy. Test various audiences, test placements, test, test, test. The list is almost infinite.

It’s all about the money, money, money

Many people operate under the false assumption that because Facebook is free you can get great results with tiny amounts of money. If your aims are low and all you really want is a bit of engagement then £20 here and there is fine. However, if you want to run ads that convert you have to be prepared to put some money behind it.

I give my clients a very rough ballpark figure of £500 per month for testing and at least £1000 a month to run a proper sales funnel.

It’s worth remembering that traditional forms of advertising such as print or TV often cost a lot more than this and do not offer the targeting capabilities that Facebook does. Furthermore, you have no ability to track your ROAS (Return on Ads Spend). You have to speculate to accumulate and it’s worth investing in real money to run a successful ads campaign.

These are my suggestions for why you aren’t seeing the results you perhaps expect with Facebook advertising. If you’d like to discuss your ads further then reach out to me for a free 30-minute discovery call.

For more advice and tips on Facebook go to Social Elements Media

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