Or why hiring an SEO copywriter could be the best Christmas present to yourself – ever

Be honest, how much time have you been able to spare this year to focus on your website? I don’t mean just when you first set it up or launched it, but since it’s been live? 

Keeping your website in contention for a decent page ranking in organic search results takes time, effort, expertise and the ability to keep up with Google’s almost constant updates to its algorithm. All that and a regular injection of new, fresh and original content. 

So if the answer to the above question is: “Not nearly as much as I would have liked” then it’s time you hired a professional SEO copywriter. It could be the one Christmas gift to yourself and your business that can really keep on giving. 

So, with my SEO copywriting hat on, I hereby give you the gift of:- 

1. ….. Time 

Who doesn’t want more time? It’s not just the actual writing of new website content that uses up precious hours in your day. But also the research, the editing, proof-reading, and the creation of compelling stories that are good enough to boost your search engine page ranking results. Try and take this on yourself and before you know it whole days can go by with very little else accomplished. Do yourself a favour and hire a copywriting expert. Your diary will thank you. 

2.  …. A New Customer proposition 

When was the last time you refreshed your marketing message? Not just the headline or latest offer, but really thought about how your proposition comes across to your target market? A professional copywriter will take your marketing story to the next level, probably in ways that have never occurred to you. We can get your customers to sit up and pay attention in new and exciting ways, especially if we’re already trained or had previous experience in your industry or market. Take a look at my portfolio for a glimpse of the range of businesses I’ve written for. 

3. …. Leveraging the Latest Changes to SERPs (Search Engine Page Rankings)

Did you know that Google uses over 200 elements to decide where your website ranks in search results? And that’s just the basics of SEO. Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms to stay ahead of the game and improve their service to their customers. A professional SEO copywriter keeps up with all the comings and goings with Google and will make sure your online copy not only obeys the SEO rules but leverages them to boost your organic page rankings.

4.  … Helping You Go Viral

I have a small confession to make: I’m a little bit obsessed with social media. Yes I know it can be a hotbed of pointless celebrity gossip and (dare I say it) fake news. But it can also provide a valuable indicator of public opinion, trending topics and viral stories. If you think your business could benefit from tapping into a current trend but you haven’t been sure yet how to handle it, then that’s where a professional copywriter can step in. All that’s required is a quick phone call and I can create website content, social media postings or email copy that will utilise a viral story or trending topic to your business’ advantage.

5.  … Expertly Written Material

Not everyone can write accurately. A professional copywriter can help you avoid those “facepalm” moments when even a simple oversight in your spelling or grammar can send your online content viral – for all the wrong reasons. Yes you can always edit after the fact but remember: a screenshot is forever. A copywriter will spell and grammar check, proof-read and edit their work before you even get to see the first draft. Really switched on copywriters will also check their work for plagiarism, making sure what they produce for you is truly original and fresh. As well as averting PR disasters, accurately-written content is good for SEO too: Google will not rank your site if there are obvious errors in it.

6.  …. Persuasive Content

The temptation to recycle the same marketing material can be overwhelming, especially when you’re pressed for time or new ideas. A professional copywriter will create original, non-salesy, cliché- and jargon-free content. The kind of content that drives customers to your door without the reliance on overt or blatant sales copy. Good, persuasive content tells its own story and makes the conversion from browser to customer feel natural and effortless to your site visitors. 

7. …. Perspective

You know your business inside and out but that’s not always a good thing when it comes to objectivity. There is such a thing as being too close. A professional copywriter will look at your business, your products and your target markets with a new pair of eyes and help you see things in new, exciting ways. 

8. …. Content for Multiple Formats

Many professional copywriters don’t only know how to write web copy. They can also create infographics, video scripts, and tags for images. This will help you publish your content in more channels to reach a wider audience. Many copywriters also create content for offline formats such as flyers, posters, and print advertising. Having the same person write for all your advertising channels will ensure you get consistency in your marketing messages, with the added bonus that briefing new work is quicker too!

9. …. SEO Specific Content

A good, professional SEO copywriter on your virtual team will keep you in the loop when it comes to the latest Google changes and will help you and your online content keep up. An SEO copywriter knows how websites work, and how features such as structure, readability, metatags and keyword density can impact your page rankings. We know how Google finds web pages and can create online content that generates organic traffic and keeps you up in the page rankings. 

10. …. Being Social

If your social media postings feel a bit hit and miss, a professional copywriter can bring it all into line for you. While social media links to your website are not a direct page ranking factor, they still contribute positively to your SEO because social media-driven site traffic is still traffic, and it all helps. You should be aiming for consistent and aligned marketing messages in all your online channels. A copywriter can make sure that all your content is designed to increase your interactions with your customers. And Google will love you for it. 

The support of a professional copywriter is the best move for your business, no matter what size or what industry. Placing your online content in the hands of a professional wordsmith could be the best Christmas present you could ever give yourself. 

For an informal chat about my SEO copywriting services, contact me today.

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