I’ve already blogged about the need to be constantly reviewing and renewing your website content to improve your SEO page rankings. In this article, I explore in detail why small businesses should be outsourcing their content marketing.

What is “Content Marketing”?

This is website content designed to educate your audience without overtly “selling” to them. Things like factual articles, blogs and FAQ pages are all vital for engaging your site visitors, giving the impression that you’re an expert in your industry, and that you have more to offer than just your core products or services. The objective of this type of content is to generate leads, nurture your current customer base and cultivate relationships with your potential prospects. It’s also useful for improving awareness of your business and your brand.

However, most small businesses don’t have the budget to recruit someone to produce and publish bespoke content, or even hire an agency to do so. And – as I’ve already cautioned against – as tempting as it is to copy or reproduce articles you’ve seen elsewhere, why would you want to just regurgitate someone else’s work? Although search engines like Google won’t exactly penalise you in page rankings if your content is duplicated or unoriginal, you run the risk that your page won’t get a look-in if other sites already have that content and getting traffic from it.

Everyone’s Doing It

Small businesses need to look for every competitive advantage over larger corporates, and outsourcing is one way to minimise costs as well as being a great source of fresh thinking and new perspectives on your marketing proposition. According to a report by LinkedIn based on a survey of marketing professionals, over 60% of marketers are outsourcing content creation in some way. So you’re in good company!

Outsourcing Gives You Better Cost Control
Outsourcing is one way to manage the costs associated with hiring and training full-time staff, as well as the extended responsibilities of having employees on the payroll. Professional freelancers won’t require the same type of training and on-boarding as permanent staff, freeing up your own people to concentrate on what they do best while putting the content creation responsibilities in expert hands.

Outsourcing Gives You Better Flexibility

If marketing isn’t your “thing” then dreaming up topics or subject matter to write about and then doing the actual writing can soon feel like a chore, one that’s easily put off for when you’re “less busy” (as if that day ever comes!).  A freelance content writer provides the kind of flexibility that means you can call on them as often or as little as you need to. Often a business owner will brief a freelancer to create several articles at once, then publish them over a period of weeks or months when the time is right. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have a library of fresh, original content on hand when you need it!

Outsourcing Gives You Better Content

One of the biggest benefits of engaging a freelancer is that, given a good enough brief, they will go off and research, write, spell-check, reference and copy edit everything, returning to you in no time with a finished, polished piece of work. For example, if you want to publish the results of a survey obviously you’ll need to do the original legwork but a professional writer will take that data and turn it into an information-rich piece that will get your key messages across and drive visitors to your website. Or supposing you have case studies that you want to include in your blog: a professional writer will write them up, interviewing the customers where necessary and presenting the facts and figures in a easily digestible format that deftly promotes your business in new and exciting ways.

I’ve seen so many web pages where the text has been so badly composed and the content patently shoe-horned into a prescribed format that it’s actually made me wince to read it. Remember that Google looks for quality over quantity these days, so if you need a professional content writer to improve your page search rankings and conversions, get in touch.

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