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20 Top Tips to Up Your Facebook Marketing Game


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20 Top Tips to Up Your Facebook Marketing Game

Helen Say

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There’s no shortage of advice out there to tell you how you can and should be leveraging the massive reach of Facebook (two billion active users and counting!) so what follows isn’t breaking any new ground. But good advice is always worth repeating so here’s a handy, comprehensive list of quick, concise tips for you to dip in and out of as the mood takes you or just to check that you’re already doing them.

  1. Make good use of Facebook’s Insight’s tool to find out what previous content is working best for you.

  2. Post regularly, at least daily. If you have a large enough fan base (i.e. at least 10,000 followers) then post even more frequently. If this sounds onerous then it only takes about 30 minutes to plan, create and edit a good quality, engaging Facebook post – it will be worth scheduling the time every day.

  3. Use the 80/20 rule: 80% fun, educational, and inspiring content and 20% sales-oriented. If you run an e-commerce site this may be reversed but test it first.

  4. Always use a high-quality image that follow’s Facebook size guidelines with every post. Make sure you have the rights to use that image.

  5. Keep text short, sweet and to the point, preferably under 250 characters (shorter posts get higher engagement). For example include a link to a web page rather than try to describe what’s on that page.

  6. Post "how-to" guides relevant to your business e.g. if you’re in the fashion business post a “how-to” on tips for wearing summer make-up.

  7. If appropriate, share fan-created content (comments, photos etc) and make sure you tag the fan who created it.

  8. Conversely, hide (but don’t delete) any posts from trolls. They (and their friends) will get a notification that their post was deleted and this only vindicates them.

  9. If anyone posts a complaint or criticism do NOT hide it but post a constructive and sympathetic reply immediately then offer to take the conversation off line.

  10. Create Facebook-exclusive offers and discounts.

  11. Always include a call to action e.g. Call now, Click below, Etc.

  12. Share other people’s posts, comments and news items that align to your business or industry.

  13. Original video content (i.e. not a YouTube link) is going to be huge so post videos as and when you can (preferably with captions since most people have sound turned off). Even a video taken on a smartphone will do.

  14. Following on from #13 above, focus on getting fans to complete videos (not just watch them).

  15. If you’re stuck for ideas fill in with fun stuff such as “Caption this” images, polls, retrospectives on previous posts etc. If you’re really stuck take look at what’s trending on Twitter for inspiration.

  16. Give your fans a “peek behind the scenes” at your business (Lush are masters at this type of content).

  17. Keep a close eye on your comments section and react or reply as much as possible. This tells your fans that you care about their interactions and encourages them to contribute more.

  18. Feed your SEO by using your keywords in your business Information page and your posts.

  19. Run contests and competitions to increase engagement (though see #20 below).

  20. Do NOT ask for comments, likes and shares. Facebook has cracked down on this practice recently to avert any accusations of perpetrating “fake news”.

Facebook marketing isn’t hard but it does need consistency and close management. Contact me today if you need help in creating a social media plan for your business.