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Why Small Businesses Should Be On Social Media


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Why Small Businesses Should Be On Social Media

Helen Say

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Every business owner knows instinctively that they should be using social media but few have the time or resources to fully explore its potential. The importance of social media to your online presence has been highlighted by KPMG, who in their 2017 Retail Survey reveal the nature of the sea change driving consumer behaviour, especially among “Millennials” * or what KPMG are calling the “Mobile Natives.”

[*Few can agree on the precise definition of a “Millennial”, but researchers typically use this term to describe anyone born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. You can stop rolling your eyes now…] 

Regardless of whether you see Millennials as your target market or not, they make up 25% of the UK population so you should not ignore their influence on the people who might become your customers, and here’s the reason why.

Social Networking and Shopping
According the KPMG, there has been a 5-fold increase in the use of social media as part of the shopping journey, especially in the under-35s. Young people have very little faith in traditional marketing communications, instead placing their trust implicitly in their own networks. They are looking for validation from social networks to suss out whether a product is any good before committing to it.

This doesn’t mean that the traditional store is dead – far from it. The report shows that, despite the rise and rise of online shopping, 40% of buyers will still visit a store at some point in the buying cycle. They like the experience of looking around, being inspired by trends and offers and having some fun. 

Tips and Tricks of Social Media for Small Businesses
Smart retailers are using social media as a means to generate excitement in their products, keep their brand front of mind and drive footfall into store. As a small business you can learn from some of their tricks.

People have very short attention spans these days, but only because there are so many people competing for their time. It’s no wonder they rely on their online ‘family’ for recommendations. As I said earlier, traditional marketing doesn’t cut it any more. There’s no point telling them something once and expecting them to remember, let alone act.

 The key to social media is consistency. If you can leverage your social media channels by posting stimulating, engaging content on a regular basis, you will see your audience grow and interest in your products increase. That’s when you can start converting those likes, shares and comments into sales. The content needn’t be just focused on your products either; I’ve seen businesses succeed best at the social media game when they also share and engage with other people’s content just as much as their own.

This needn’t be a big task that distracts you from the day to day of running your business. Call me now and I’ll show you how in just half an hour a day you too can win at social media.