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We’re experts at getting your business noticed by your customers and found by search engines like Google through our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content creation and copywriting services.

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SEO needn’t be complicated or expensive. Improve your online visibility with our affordable SEO Health Checks, Audits and Training Packages. Ongoing Monthly SEO Management also available.



Your marketing story told your way. SEO-rich copywriting for a full range of digital and offline marketing channels. Professional marketing copy for your websites, social media posts, emails, brochures and flyers.

“Helen captured the essence of my brand, my tone and my personality perfectly to pitch to my ideal client.”

Claire Jonas Photography

“Helen explains complex information clearly. She's professional, responsive and gives great tips.”

Lisa, Albany Pet Services

“CBL have taken a real interest in our business and their service has been professional and efficient, delivering just what we needed.”

Graham, Stonehouse Waterproofing

“[CBL] took all the confusion and stress away from us and gave us what we wanted.”

Thea, Way In Youth & Family Counselling

“[CBL] conducted an audit of my website which provided me with extremely useful information and actionable steps that I could begin taking immediately.”

Adam, Sealey Osteopathy

“A very thorough and good value copywriting and SEO service."

Alan, Mortgage Vision

“Time well spent: the result was amazing, copy pitch perfect"

Victor, Prokofiev Interlegal

Why should you invest in SEO? Your website already looks great!

You’ve got a website. It looks wonderful, it’s on brand and it showcases your products or services with some fantastic imagery. But it’s not getting any traffic from search engines, or none that you can detect, and you’ve been wondering why you put so much effort into it for such a small return.

It’s time to book an SEO Audit from a chartered Google SEO Marketer. Because getting noticed means putting the work in to boost your website structure and content so that your ideal customers can find it. And if they can find it then search engines like Google are sure to do the same.

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SEO is the most cost-effective method of marketing for a small business with a low marketing budget.

Neil Patel

digital marketing entrepreneur

You’re too busy to think about SEO as well as everything else

We work with a lot of business owners like you and they all have several things in common. You’re all driven, creative, entrepreneurial and passionate about your work. Plus you’re busy and you put 100% of your time and energy into every area of your business.

And you don’t have time for SEO. You know SEO is a “thing”, you know it needs doing, but you don’t know where to begin or how far you should go with it. And up to now it hasn’t exactly been a priority, though it is frustrating that your website isn’t making the phone ring as much as you hoped it would.

Or you may already have spoken to SEO “experts” in the past who have had you believing that it’s a complicated, technical, ever-changing scene and some kind of dark art. And who claim that they can get your website to that coveted #1 slot by next week but won’t reveal exactly how they’re going to make that happen.

We’re here to tell you they can’t guarantee this – and, honestly, neither can we. No-one can make those kinds of assurances because only Google gets to decide where you rank in search results. But we can help you improve your rankings steadily, organically, ethically and in a sustainable and cost-effective way that Google values.

The best way to get top rankings is simply to provide the best answer to a user’s query.

Tim Felmingham

affiliate marketing entrepreneur

Why trust us with your SEO?

We’re uniquely placed among SEO consultants because we’re not only Chartered Google SEO Marketers, we also have over 50 years’ combined experience in marketing and selling, so we know a thing or two about promoting a business.

We’ve developed a series of options for checking and monitoring your SEO, finding out what’s running well and what needs attention. We know what works because we’ve used our SEO approach not just to improve the rankings of our own website but also for many satisfied clients. We’re happy to chat any time so book a free 30-minute consultation with us now to find out more about how your website is performing.

Through our various SEO services and training packages we’ll show you how search engines work then what adjustments you need to make to your website in terms of SEO and content. Our range of services includes SEO health checks, audits, reviews, keyword research and SEO management. If you like to be self-sufficient then our online Basics of SEO training course is a great option. Or you can opt for our 121 SEO training modules delivered via video conferencing at a time to suit you.

SEO marketing copy that tells your story, your way

It’s copywriting, but not as you know it

Here’s our secret weapon and something else that makes us unique. Not only do we know SEO, we also know how to create SEO-rich marketing content.

Among many other things SEO also means having the right words in the right places on your website that speak directly to your ideal customers. And if your customers can find you, so can search engines – it’s a Win-Win. If you need proof then take a look at the websites that appear on page 1 of Google. What do they do that others don’t? They update their sites regularly with fresh, quality, optimised content. That’s how they stay on Google’s radar and that’s why the businesses behind them are so successful.

If you’re struggling to be visible on search engines our expert SEO copywriting services can help. We will look at your business objectively and from the point of view of your target audience. We’ll do the research into what they’re looking for. We’ll create fresh, original content for every page of your website or any of your marketing channels, and we’ll talk about your business in ways that you probably haven’t thought of yet. We’ll use your brand positioning and your tone of voice to get your message across and your phone ringing.

What’s more, we’ll build in all those optimisation techniques that make search engines take notice from the start: keywords, header tags, meta tags, links, anchor text …. those SEO flourishes that add up to a huge difference in your visibility.

Why is fresh content important for SEO?

Does fresh content really matter? Yes – search engines want to see new content all the time. So if you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will show their appreciation for you in their page rankings.

Plus, if you keep providing new information on or about your business, your target audience will notice. They’ll come to think of you as not just an expert but also a reliable source of useful information and they will keep returning to your site. Which means more clicks, which means higher Google rankings.

We don’t just write for online channels. Smart business owners know that marketing is more than just their website. So our copywriting services also includes writing content for newsletters, email campaigns, brochures and flyers with the same attention to detail and brand.

It’s all about your marketing story, and we are professional storytellers.

Take a look at our portfolio for examples of the many diverse types of businesses we have supported over the years with new optimised and searchable content. Then if you need help keeping your website content, social media and advertising materials as fresh as a daisy, call us.

If you’d like to read more about our expertise, and get some free SEO and copywriting tips, take a look at our blog. It’s full of useful nuggets about marketing a website and  creating online content, as well as our musings about promoting a small business, social media, grappling with the Google monster, and how to get the most from working with a SEO organisation like ours.

We’re happy to chat any time. We offer free 30-minute consultations, so why not give us a call today?

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